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Whether facilitating high level panel discussions with leading politicians, CEO’s, decision makers and academics or overseeing internal staff workshops I use my expertise, energy and interviewing skills to ensure lively discussion. My experience in live television, broadcasting to an audience of millions, means that I ensure sessions run smoothly and on time and that the audience is fully engaged.


I can also help with the organisation of conferences, advising on format, writing scripts and suggesting speakers.


Whether your target audience is your employees or external stakeholders, I can tailor my facilitating skills to help meet your objectives, convey your key messages and ensure a successful outcome.

My Moderating Highlights

There are many, but two spring to mind:


Moderating the Headline Science and Innovation Event for the COP presidency at COP 26 – Responding to the IPCC Report Keeping 1.5 Alive. Among the distinguished audience in the room were Senator John Kerry and former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi.


I was invited by the Director General of the World Health Organisation to moderate a breakfast round table for First Ladies at the UN General Assembly in New York. The topic was reducing maternal mortality around the world and the event was intended to persuade First Ladies to champion the cause in their own countries.

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